Additional Private School Work

Thayer Academy

-Collaborative Design Lab
-Student Center-Cahall
-Field House
-Alumni House (Development & Alumni Department
-Collaborative Design Lab
-Student Center-Cahall 
-Field House
-Alumni House (Development & Alumni Department Offices)
-Sawyer Cahill Renovations
-Glover Computer Science and Robotics Labs
-Upper School Director, private home
-Middle School Science Labs
-Sports Complex
-Main Building (main academic building) Renovation
-Admissions Office
-Business Office
-Head of School, private home
-Head of School, private office suite
-New Middle School building (in progress)
-IT Center
-College Counseling Center
-Brickyard Student Center
-Many washrooms 

Buckingham Browne & Nichols

-Rowing Room
-Head of School, private office suite
-Head of School, private home
-COO/CFO, private office
-Science lab
-Student lounge areas

Shady Hill School

-The Hub, STEAM Center
-Grade 4 Building
-Head of School, Mark Stanek, private office
-Student Fitness Center
-The Hub, STEAM Center 
-Grade 4 Building 
-Head of School, private office
-Grade 5 Building
-Grade 6 Building
-Grade 8 Building, master plan
-Diversity Offices

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

-Visiting Scholars Dormitory

Cambridge School of Weston

-Student Dorm including Resident apartments, teaching kitchen and student lounge areas
-Created the campus building master color palette plan
-Dining hall and classrooms

Fay School

-Center for Creativity and Design Building (in progress)
-Student Center

Lasell College 

-Donahue Center for the Arts
-Valentine Dining Hall

Phillips Academy Andover

-Head of School’s private home

Falmouth Academy

-Performing Arts Center
-Student Meeting Hall